Contoh Naskah Drama Singkat Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Naskah Drama Dalam Bahasa Inggris adalah topik yang akan kita bahas kali ini. Jika kamu biasa membawakan drama dalam bahasa indonesia mungkin sangat asing jika anda membawakan drama dalam bahasa inggris. Untuk itu admin mencoba memberikan referensi berupa Contoh Naskah Drama dalam Bahasa Inggris singkat.

One day, Ani noticed Ami're looking very agitated. Ani was wondering in his coronary heart, what is with Ami. Do not need to watch Ami keeps to reveal a unhappy face, then Ani directly to discover the issues confronted by means of Ami.

Ani:Ami, you recognize why? Why your face seems very stressed? You regardless of what?

Ami:No, i'm no longer okay. I simply do now not get enough sleep wrote, so my face seems light.

Ani:The problem is, you face now not handiest appears light, however you like folks that are confused.

Ami turned into looking to sidestep.

Ami:you may have! I do not see why. Authentic I just do no longer get enough sleep.

Ani changed into silent, and soon got here Linda.

Linda:hello, what are you guys here? Oww ... You why, Ami? Why do you appearance so faded?

Ani:proper, in case you were seen now not as typical. Anyway, you are saying it, what is happening?

Linda:Ami Yeah, it is our pal. In case you face any hassle, attempt tales to us. We really will try to assist.

Ami nevertheless seeking to cowl up his troubles, because they do no longer want to trouble the her buddies.

Ami:anyway, I do now not see why. Kan in advance I told you, I do now not sleep enough.

Linda and Ani may want to simplest be silent, and 5 minutes later got here Jovan and Dion.

Ani:hi, guys .. You men from?

Jovan:Emm .. Our aunt's residence earlier than me.

Dion:Yeah, I had stopped briefly at Jovan Jovan aunt's house.

Linda:Oh .. Irrespective of what you men there?

Jovan:regardless of something, simply visit alone, because it had long been there.

Linda:Oh .. So, then remarkable!

Similar to Linda and Ani, Jovan and Dion turned into without delay asked to Ami sees some thing unusual.

Jovan:good day .. Ami, you know why?

Ami:certainly me why?

Dion:Hemm .. You, requested its really however!

Linda:Ami same careworn .. I'm positive he would once more no problem, however do no longer recognise why he does now not need to speak, but we are friends. So how does this, if there may be a pal who does no longer open like this.

Listening to Linda, Ami become eventually powerless to cover what is at hand.

Ami:without a doubt I do no longer want to speak about me, due to the fact I do not need you to get involved in issues, but due to the fact you're forcing me to talk, then I have no desire.

Ani:Yeah, it is okay, you say it!

Ami:i'm going to cease college.

Jovan:What ... Stop faculty? What do you suggest?

Dion:Yeah, I suggest how do you prevent, Ami?

Ami:I can't add to the load of mother and father. They labored day and night time for the sake should send me. After I saw my mom was unwell final night time, i was no longer viable to rely upon my mother.

Ami four friends had been silent, deliberating the quality way to Ami. Jovan then provide guidelines for Ami.

Jovan:Ami okay, what if I try and ask aunt to me, perhaps he wishes the worker facet.

Dion:sure, aunt you have supermarkets.

Linda:looks like it became a first-rate concept. If aunt Jovan do need element-time worker, you may usually prevent cash for college fees. You want it, Ami?

Ami acquire offers Jovan.

Ami:properly then, I sincerely want to if Aunt Jovan do want component-time employees.

Jovan:true! You just take it clean, i am sure my aunt need additional personnel due to the fact while i used to be there the previous day there has been one of the personnel who stopped running.

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